Too many times, Microsoft and Apple do not play nice.

But that’s okay, since there’s often a workaround to accomplish your goal. A common problem is saving email in Microsoft Outlook 2010. Many attorneys would like to preserve email as a .pdf file because it is a portable, easily transferable file format. Saving email as a .pdf file is especially useful for later viewing on a tablet computer.

A reader asked about saving email in Outlook 2010 as a .pdf file so that it would be available in GoodReader.

Q: We are also looking at case management with the IPad but in my practice (indigent defense of parents in child welfare cases) we need to be able to store and access voluminous case related e-mails.  A saved Outlook mail message in an Outlook format cannot be read from Dropbox on the iPad and I have found no simple way to easily  save e-mails in the iPad environment.  I can copy and convert them to PDFs but I think that is too cumbersome for the day-to-day practice.  I would welcome any suggestions or thoughts.  — Linda, Alaska.


First, I would strongly recommend setting up case folders in Dropbox on your desktop computer, then syncing Dropbox with GoodReader to access your files on your iPad. For the purposes of your iPad, Dropbox is the tunnel and GoodReader is the destination where you read and access all your files. See my most recent post to get synced.


It’s easier than you think to save email in Outlook 2010 as a .pdf file.


Download a free, open-source program called “PDFCreator.” Install it on your desktop computer. When you open and print an email, you can select “PDFCreator” as your printer. Print to create a .pdf file, then save the file to the client folder in Dropbox.


Now, you can selectively save email as a .pdf file. Your email document is available for court, on your iPad and at your computer.


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