Note Taker HD ($4.99) is my favorite note-taking application for the iPad.  See my earlier post on why the zoom box feature and ease of use separates it from the other handwriting applications (UPad, Penultimate, etc.).

Update: What’s missing ? Dropbox sync – until now. According to Dan Bricklin, developer of Note Taker HD and “father of the spreadsheet,” from an email this weekend:

Dropbox is high on the list for new features. I’m working on the underpinnings to let me do both output and backup using it.

Once Note Taker HD syncs with Dropbox, you will be able to seamlessly organize your handwritten notes with electronic case files. Thanks, Dan!

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Rob Dean

Rob Dean is an lawyer in Roanoke, Virginia, where he concentrates his practice on employment law and personal injury litigation. For help using the iPad at work, email him at

3 Responses to UPDATE: Note Taker HD and Dropbox Sync

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  2. Thanks for a perceptively insightful post.

  3. Nathan says:

    Still waiting eight months later.

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