Today, Apple announced an updated version of the iPad.

There were plenty of rumors before the announcement: a high-resolution screen, faster processor, Siri integration, and an updated iOS operating system. It would have been a welcome surprise to announce official Microsoft Office apps, especially considering Microsoft released its first app for the iPad, OneNote, last week. There were also rumors that Apple would release a new version of the Apple TV, which is a sandwich-sized multimedia device that connects your iPhone or iPad to a flat-screen television to display content.

Here’s a summary of the new iPad, including a dictation key and improved display.

Update 2:23 PM EST: That’s it. The new iPad is called “the new iPad” (catchy). The iPad 2 will still be on sale for a reduced price starting at $399. Somewhat surprising not to hear more information about updated software, especially for business apps, or Siri integration – although, a voice-to-text feature will be a welcome addition.

Update 1:50 PM EST: So far, no mention of Microsoft Office, texture display (see below), or Siri.

Update 1:37 PM EST: Great news for attorneys, as Apple adds a dictation key to the iPad (just press and talk) (ht: GDGT):

Update 1:33 PM EST: Here’s it is (ht: GDGT):

Update 1:32 PM EST: The new iPad: retina display, A5X processor with qaud-core graphics, 1080p video recording, and voice dictation (fantastic news for attorneys).

Update 1:12 PM EST: iOS 5.1 announced, available today.

Update 12:57 PM EST: The announcement is about to begin. Everyone’s seated, and it appears the demo units are on stage. Check out The Verge live blog here.

Update 11:55 AM EST: CNET says that the new iPad will be called the iPad HD, and not the iPad 3, which suggests that many of the rumored features – texture screen, Siri integration, faster processor – are likely premature. That said, it would be odd to schedule a major product launch, only to let down consumers with incremental updates. We’ll see.

Update 11:36 AM EST: Reports now suggest the mystery accessory is an updated digital AV adapter, a disappointment to voice-activation-dreaming couch surfers everywhere.

Update 11:20 AM EST: According to 9to5Mac, Apple will release a new accessory for the iPad and Apple TV that many are speculating will provide voice control through a Bluetooth headset, allowing you to change the channel without reaching for the remote.

Update 10:50 AM EST: Today’s announcement will likely include information about Feel technology developed by Senseg, a company with ties to Nokia. Feel is “a haptic display that will seem to add texture to objects on the screen when touched.” It would be more than a gimmick for e-book children’s stories. For example, imagine the possibilities for braille or interactive learning.

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