Time is your most valuable asset as an attorney.

So it makes sense to find creative ways to streamline your practice throughout the day. Fortunately, there’s an iPhone/iPad app for everything – perhaps unsurprising, given the ever-expanding universe of applications in the App Store (750,000 and counting). There’s nothing wrong with app-itis – so long as the apps are free to try – because it pays to find to a low-cost solution to an everyday problem, such as scanning documents and saving contacts.

Here’s a list of free mobile apps for saving time and staying productive away from the office.

Forbes contributor Shane Robinson published a fantastic list of mobile apps for entrepreneurs that are just as helpful for attorneys. Here’s a few of his favorites, plus his descriptions of the app.

Dropbox (Free)

 Great to have on your phone for three reasons: 1) it allows you to access all your business files in the cloud right from your phone (great for meetings if you forget a presentation for example); 2) cloud storage across your phone and computer is a great way to back up all your files; 3) you can share all files in your Dropbox account with any recipient, without having to email them.

Genius Scan (Free)

I can’t tell you how much time I used to waste when I first started my business and had to find a Kinkos every time I needed to print, scan and fax documents. This app won’t let you print (obviously), but it will let you take a picture of any document, or string of documents, and then send it to your recipient as a single PDF file, the same way an office scanner would. Another 30-minute trip to Kinkos, or $200 expenditure on a scanner, saved.

Smartr (Free)

If you’re big on networking and want a good way to remember when you last kept in touch with someone, then this app is like the analytics for your address book. It’s also an all-in-one location to get calendar events and read email, Facebook messages and Tweets from your contacts as well.

LinkedIn Card Munch (Free)

For people big on networking and attending networking events in particular, this is a great app. Take a picture of any business card, and this app will automatically convert it into a contact in your phone.

Perch (Free)

This one I had actually never heard of until a commenter suggested it (thanks again!), so I checked it out, and it’s pretty cool. Perch allows you to discover competitor businesses and check out their online presence and activity across Facebook, Twitter and Yelp.

MobileDay  (Free)

Suggested by another commenter, MobileDay is the conference call app you’ve always wanted but didn’t necessarily know you did. Download MobileDay and it will scan your calendar for meetings, send you reminders when they arrive and then allow you to join your scheduled conference calls with one click, without having to remember any access codes.

Do you have a favorite mobile app that helps you save time during the day?

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